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Important Events Of April 12

1998    62nd Golf Masters Championship:
1992    "Streetcar Named Desire" opens at Ethel Barrymore New York City for 137 performances
1992    2nd lowest NBA scoring game - Detroit Piston 72, New York Knicks 61
1992    53rd PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Lee Trevino
1992    56th Golf Masters Championship: Fred Couples wins, shooting a 275
1992    Actress Lisa Bonet files for divorce from singer Lenny Kravitz
1992    Earthquake rocks Germany
1992    Lynn Gunther of California threatens to blow herself up in front of U.N.
1992    Matt Young no-hits Cleveland, but loses 2-1
1992    New York Mets lose 1st 3 home games for 1st time since 1962
1992    Trump Shuttle becomes U.S. Air Shuttle
1991    2,500th episode of Entertainment Tonight airs
1991    Nepalese Congress party wins general elections
1991    U.S. announces closing of 31 major U.S. military bases
1990    Greyhound Bus hires new drivers to replace strikers
1990    James Brown moves to a work-release center after serving 15 months
1990    1st meeting of East German democratically elected parliament, acknowledges responsibility for Nazi holocaust and asks for forgivenesss
1989    3rd Soul Train Music Awards: Anita Baker
1989    Peter Ueberroth deal to purchase Eastern Airlines falls through
1988    Devils 4-2 over Islanders-Devils lead 3-2 in 1st round
1988    Frank Robinson replaces Cal Ripkin as manager of Baltimore Orioles
1988    Harvard University patents genetically engineered mouse
1988    Sonny Bono elected mayor of Palm Springs California
1987    51st Golf Masters Championship: Larry Mize wins, shooting a 285
1987    Ahmed Salah wins 2nd World Cup marathon (2:10:55)
1987    Ayako Okamoto wins LPGA Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic
1987    Texaco files for bankruptcy
1986    20,000 mine workers protest closing of Hasselt Belgium mines
1985    16th Shuttle Mission (51D)-Discovery 4 launched-with Senator Jake Garn
1985    U.S. Olympic Committee endorses a boycott of Moscow games
1983    Harold Washington becomes Chicago's 1st black mayor
1983    U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1982    3 CBS employees shot to death in New York City parking lot
1981    45th Golf Masters Championship: Tom Watson wins, shooting a 280
1981    Donna Caponi Young wins LPGA American Defender/WRAL Golf Classic
1981    Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
1981    Maiden voyage of space shuttle Columbia
1980    BCMA, Black Consciousness Movement of Azania, forms
1980    Milwaukee beats Boston Red Sox, 18-1 (Cooper and Money hit grand slams)
1979    Soyuz 33 returns to Earth
1976    India set 403 to win by WI They get them, 6 wkts 7 overs spare
1975    Linda Ronstadt releases "When Will I Be Loved"
1973    France recognizes North Vietnam
1973    Sudan adopts constitution
1973    Swaziland suspends constitution
1970    Yankees dedicate plaques to Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio
1969    Simon and Garfunkel releases "Boxer"
1966    1st B-52 bombing on North Vietnam
1966    Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium opens; Pirates beat Braves 3-2
1966    Rocker Jan Berry crashes his corvette into a parked truck
1965    1st NL game at Houston's Astrodome (Phillies beat Astros 2-0)
1964    28th Golf Masters Championship: Arnold Palmer wins, shooting a 276
1964    Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Baton Rouge Ladies' Golf Open Invitational
1963    Beatles "From Me to You" is released in UK
1963    Birmingham police use dogs and cattle prods on peaceful demonstrators
1962    San Mateo County withdraws from BART district, San Francisco Bay area
1961    3rd Grammy Awards: Theme From a Summer Place, Ray Charles wins 4
1961    Douglas MacArthur declines offer to become baseball commissioner
1961    Yuri Gagarin becomes 1st person to orbit Earth in Vostok 1
1960    Bert Haanstra wins Oscar for "Glass"
1960    Bill Veeck and Chicago Comiskey Park debuts "Exploding Scoreboard"
1959    13th Tony Awards: J B and Redhead win
1959    Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
1959    France Observator reports torture practice by French army in Algeria
1958    12th NBA Championship: St. Louis Hawks beat Bost Celtics, 4 games to 2
1958    Flemish Open air museum opens in Bokrijk
1957    Jim Spalding set a 2088 pin nine-game bowling record
1957    U.S.S.R. performs atmospheric nuclear test
1956    Bandaranaike government forms in Ceylon
1955    1st game in Kansas City, Kansas City A's beat Detroit Tigers, 6-2
1955    Salk polio vaccine safe and effective; 4 billion dimes marched
1954    18th Golf Masters Championship: Sam Snead wins, shooting a 289
1954    8th NBA Championship: Minnesota Lakers beat Syracuse Nationals, 4 games to 3
1954    Belgian Van Houtte government resigns
1954    Bill Haley and Comets records "Rock Around Clock"
1954    Joe Turner releases "Shake, Rattle and Roll"
1953    17th Golf Masters Championship: Ben Hogan wins, shooting a 274
1953    KFDX TV channel 3 in Wichita Falls, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953    Keizo Yamada runs fastest marathon to date, at Boston
1952    Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Houston Weathervane Golf Tournament
1952    Salaheddine Baccouche forms Tunisian government
1951    Israeli Knesset officially designated April 13 as Holocaust Day
1946    Syria gains independence from France
1945    Canadian troops liberate Nazi concentration camp Westerbork, Netherlands
1945    Harry Truman sworn in as 33rd president
1945    Richard Strauss completes his "Metamorphosis"
1945    U.S. liberates Buchenwald concentration camp
1944    Lillian Hellman's "Searching Wind," premieres in New York City
1943    Allies conquer Soussa, North-Africa
1943    Dutch Catholic University Nijmegen closed
1942    9th Golf Masters Championship: Byron Nelson wins, shooting a 280
1942    Japan kills about 400 Filipino officers in Bataan
1941    Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games
1941    Vichy-France's head of government Admiral Dalan consults with Hitler
1940    Italy annexes Albania
1940    NFL cuts clipping penalty from 25 yards to 15 yards
1938    1st U.S. law requiring medical tests for marriage licenses
1938    Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3 games to 1
1935    "Your Hit Parade," debuts on radio
1935    Germany prohibits publishing "not-Arian" writers
1935    Royal Proclamation sets design of Canada's new Jubilee Silver Dollar
1934    Highest velocity wind ever recorded on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, 231 mph
1933    Moffatt Field commissioned
1932    Emmanuel Chabriers and Balanchines ballet premieres in Monte Carlo
1931    Joe McCarthy debuts as New York Yankee manager
1931    Spanish voters reject the monarchy
1930    4th Test Cricket WI vs. England ends in a draw after nine days
1930    Wilfred Rhodes ends Test Cricket career aged 52 years 165 days
1928    Assassination attempt on king Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
1927    General Chiang Kai-shek begins counter revolution in Shanghai
1926    Dutch Catholic Radio Broadcast (KRO) forms
1919    British Parliament passes a 48-hour work week with minimum wages
1917    Bijou Theater opens at 222 W 45th St. New York City (Demolished 1982)
1917    Domenico Scarlatti and Jeab Cocteaus ballet premieres in Rome
1911    1st non-stop London-Paris flight (Pierre Prier in 3h56m)
1909    Philadelphia's Shibe Park (later Connie Mack Stadium) opens
1908    Fire makes 17,000 homeless in Chelsea Massachusetts
1907    Belgium government of De Stain de Naeyer, resigns
1905    French Dufaux brothers test helicopter
1905    Hippodrome arena opens in New York City
1898    Army transfers Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay to Navy
1896    Stamasia Portrisi is 1st woman to win a marathon (5:30 in Athens)
1894    British and Belgian secret accord on dividing Central-Africa
1893    Battle at Hoornkrans Southwest-Africa: German Schutztruppen chases away Hottentotten under Hendrik Witbooi
1892    George C. Blickensderfer patents portable typewriter
1887    Henrik Ibsen's "Rosmersholm," premieres in Oslo
1883    French troops under Lt-colonel Borgnis-Desbordes occupy Bamako Senegal
1877    British annex Transvaal, in South Africa
1877    Catcher's mask 1st used in a baseball game
1872    Jesse James gang robs bank in Columbia, Kentucky (1 dead/$1,500)
1869    North Carolina legislature passes anti-Klan Law
1864    Battle of Blair's Landing Louisiana
1864    Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest captures Fort Pillow, Tennessee
1862    James Andrews steals Confederate train (General) at Kennesaw, Georgia
1862    Union troops occupy Fort Pulaski Georgia
1861    Fort Sumter, South Carolina is shelled by Confederacy, starting Civil War
1859    Hibernia Savings and Loan Society of San Francisco incorporates
1858    1st U.S. billiards championship (Michael J Phelan wins in Detroit)
1857    Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary" published
1844    Texas became a U.S. territory
1826    Weber's opera "Oberon," premieres in London
1811    1st U.S. colonists on Pacific coast arrive at Cape Disappointment, WA
1787    Philadelphia's Free African Society forms
1782    Battle at Les Saintes West-Indies: British fleet beats French
1776    Halifax resolution for independence adopted by North Carolina
1770    Townsend Acts repealed
1713    Dutch State-General signs peace with France: Netherlands loses Orange Princedom
1709    1st edition of Tattler magazine in England
1654    England, Ireland and Scotland united
1648    University of Harderwijk Netherlands solemn opens
1606    England adopts Union Jack as its flag