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Important Events Of April 2

1998    World Mens Figure Skating Championship in Minnesota
1997    "Doll's House," opens at Belasco Theater New York City
1996    Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder steals 1st base in 1,097th career game
1996    Sri Lanka 9-349 in 50 overs beat Pakistan 315 all out, Singapore Jayasuriya hits ton in 48 balls, world ODI record at Singapore
1995    14th NCAA Women's Basketball Champion: University of Ct Huskies beats Tennessee 70-64
1995    7th Seniors Golf Tradition: Jack Nicklaus
1995    Baseball season opener delayed until April 26
1995    New York Police Department and New York Transit Police merge into one organization
1995    North and Western Colorado begins using new area code 970
1995    Owners accept baseball players proposal, agree to start season 4/26
1995    Sunday New York Times raises price from $2.00 to $2.50
1995    Wrestlemania XI in Conn-Lawrence Taylor defeats Bam Bam Bigelow
1994    1st exhibition game played at Jacobs Field, Pirates beat Indians, 6-4
1993    1st test flight of Fokker 70 in Amsterdam
1993    Venezuelan DC-10 crashes at Margarita, killing 10
1992    "Hamlet" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 45 performances
1992    Edith Cresson, France's 1st female premier, resigns
1992    John Gotti found guilty in death of Paul Castallanos
1992    Space Shuttle STS-45, Atlantis 11, lands
1991    Rotterdam Daily Newspaper begins publishing
1990    52nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Nevada-LV beats Duke 103-73
1989    18th Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Juli Inkster
1989    8th NCAA Women's Basketball Championship: Tennessee beats Auburn 76-60
1989    Wrestlemania V at Trump Plaza, Hulk Hogan beats "Macho Man" Savage
1989    Yankees beat Mets 4-0, sweeping 1989 mayor's trophy series in 2 games
1988    Simply Majestic sets horse racing's 1-1/8 mile record at 1:45
1988    Test Cricket debut of Curtly Ambrose, WI vs. Pakistan, Georgetown
1987    "Mikado" opens at Virginia Theater New York City for 46 performances
1987    Doc Gooden undergoes cocaine rehabilitation
1987    IBM introduces PS/2 and OS/2
1986    4 U.S. passengers killed by bomb at TWA counter Athens Airport Greece
1986    George Corley Wallace (Gov-D-Ala) announces retirement plans
1986    NCAA adopts 3-point basketball rule (19 feet 9 inch distance)
1985    U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1984    46th NCAA Mens Basketball Championship: Georgetown beats Houston 84-75
1982    Argentina seizes Malvinas, also known as the Falkland Islands
1982    In exhibition game A's pitcher Steve McCatty comes to bat using a 15" toy bat (under Billy Martins orders), protesting disallowing of DH
1981    Belgium's 4th government of Martens resigns
1981    Heavy battle between Christian militia and Syrian army in East Lebanon
1980    Wayne Gretzky becomes 1st teenager to score 50 goals in a season
1979    Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin visits President Sadat in Cairo
1978    7th Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Sandra Post
1978    Basil Williams scores 100 on Test Cricket debut, vs. Australia Georgetown
1978    TV show "Dallas" premieres on CBS (as a 5 week mini-series)
1978    Velcro was 1st put on the market
1977    Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors," album goes to #1 and stays #1 for 31 weeks
1977    Mont Canadiens set NHL record of 34 straight home games without a lose
1976    Cambodia Khieu Sampan succeeds prince Sihanouk as premier
1976    Portuguese constitution assumed
1976    A's trade prospective free agents Reggie Jackson and Ken Holtzman, to Orioles for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez and Paul Mitchell
1974    46th Academy Awards - "Stng," Glenda Jackson and Jack Lemmon win
1974    Arganat Commission publishes report concerning Yom Kippur War
1974    Tony Greig takes 8-86 vs. WI Port-of-Spain (later 5-70 in 2nd inn)
1973    CBS radio begins on hour news 24 hours a day
1973    Ed Kemper stuffs mother's throat in disposal
1973    ITT pleads guilty to asking CIA to affect Chilean President election
1972    44th Academy Awards - "French Connection," G Hackman and Jane Fonda win
1972    Tennessee Williams' "Small Craft Warnings," premieres in New York City
1971    Sci-fi soap opera "Dark Shadows" concludes an almost 5 year run
1970    Meghalaya becomes autonomous state within India's Assam state
1970    Qatar gains independence from Britain
1970    2 men begin ascent of south face of Annapurna I, highest final stage in a wall climb in world
1969    Milwaukee Bucks sign (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor)
1968    Beatles form Python Music Ltd.
1968    Chad creates Union of Central African States
1968    Senator Mccarthy wins Democratic primaries in Wisconsin
1967    Actress Lynn Redgrave marries John Clark
1967    Susie Maxwell wins LPGA Louise Suggs Golf Invitational
1966    Soviet Union's Luna 10 becomes 1st spacecraft to orbit Moon
1966    WJET TV channel 24 in Erie, Pennsylvania (ABC) begins broadcasting
1965    Hochhuths play "Stellvertreter" banned in Italy
1964    Josef Klaus succeeds Alfons Gorbach as chancellor of Austria
1964    Military coup in Brazil by General Castello Branco, President Goulart ousted
1964    U.S.S.R. launches Zond 1 to Venus; no data returned
1963    Explorer 17 attains Earth orbit (254/914 km)
1963    U.S.S.R. launches Luna 4; missed Moon by 8,500 km
1960    Cuba buys oil from U.S.S.R.
1960    KPEC TV channel 56 in Lakewood Center-Tacoma, WA (PBS) 1st broadcast
1958    Antillean Brewery, maker of Amstel beer, opens
1958    National Advisory Council on Aeronautics renamed NASA
1958    Wind speed reaches 450 kph in tornado, Wichita Falls, Texas (record)
1956    Peter Ustinovs' "Romanoff and Juliet," premieres in Manchester
1956    Soap operas "As the World Turns" and "Edge of Night" premieres on TV
1955    U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Tenley Albright
1955    U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Hayes A Jenkins
1955    Pancho Gonzales retains tennis title by winning a tournament playing under table tennis rules
1954    Plans to build Disneyland 1st announced
1953    Raab forms his 1st government in Austria
1950    WTAR (now WTKR) TV channel 3 in Norfolk, Virginia (CBS) begins broadcasting
1947    Carlo Terron's "Il diamente del profeta," premieres in Rome
1945    1st U.S. units reach east coast of Okinawa
1944    CPI-leader Palmiro Togliatti returns to Italy
1944    Dmitri Shostakovich' 8th Symphony, premieres in New York
1944    Soviet Army marches into pro-German Romania
1941    USS Hornet with Jimmy Doolittles B-25 departs from SF
1939    6th Golf Masters Championship: Ralph Guldahl wins, shooting a 279
1935    Mary Hirsch, becomes 1st woman licensed as a horse trainer
1935    Sir Watson-Watt patents RADAR
1932    Charles Lindbergh turns over $50,000 as ransom for kidnapped son
1931    Teenage girl strikes out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game in Chattanooga, Tennessee
1930    1st NewYork - Bermuda airplane flight lands in Bermuda
1926    Riots between Moslems and Hindus in Calcutta
1921    Albert Einstein lectures in New York City on his new theory of relativity
1917    Jeannette Rankin becomes 1st women member of U.S. House of Representatives
1917    President Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany
1916    German troops overtake Bois de Caillette
1912    Sun Yet Sen forms Guomindang-Party in China
1912    Titanic undergoes sea trials under its own power
1908    Mills Committee declares baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday
1906    South Africa complete a 4-1 series drubbing of England
1905    Cairo-Capetown railway opens
1902    1st motion picture theater opens in Los Angeles
1902    Soccer team MVV '02 forms in Maastricht
1900    1st edition of The Volk published in Amsterdam
1884    London prison for debtors closed
1883    Battle at Bamako: French assault on Fabous arm forces attack
1878    1st issue of Rotterdam's Newspaper
1877    1st Easter egg roll held on White House lawn
1876    Philadelphia A's and Boston Red Caps play 1st NL game, in Phila
1872    George B Brayton patents gasoline powered engine
1870    Victoria Woodhull is 1st woman to be nominated for U.S. president
1866    President Johnson ends war in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
1865    Battle of Petersburg, Virginia (Ft. Gregg, Sutherland's Station)
1865    CSA President Jefferson Davis flees Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia
1865    Battle of Ft. Blakely AL and Selma AL
1864    Skirmish at Crump's Hill (Piney Woods), Louisiana
1864    Skirmish at Spoonville/Antoine, Arkansas
1863    Bread revolt in Richmond Virginia
1860    1st Italian Parliament met at Turin
1845    H L Fizeau and J Leon Foucault take 1st photo of Sun
1827    Joseph Dixon begins manufacturing lead pencils
1819    1st successful agricultural journal ("American Farmer") begins
1800    1st performance of Ludwig von Beethoven's 1st Symphony in C
1792    Congress establishes Philadelphia mint
1792    U.S. authorizes $10 Eagle, $5 half-Eagle and 2.50 quarter-Eagle gold coins and silver dollar, dollar, quarter, dime and half-dime
1745    Austria and Bavaria sign peace
1645    Robert Devereux resigns as parliament supreme commander