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Important Events Of March 2

1997    Gail Graham wins LPGA Alpine Australian Ladies Masters
1997    Nick Faldo wins Nissan Golf Open
1997    Saudi Arab billionaire Prince al-Waleed bin Talal aquires 5% of Apple Computer
1997    Soyuz TM-24 returns to Earth (Russia)
1996    Copeland swimming pool re-opened by Gladiator
1996    Tendulkar scores 137 for Ind vs. SL in Cricket World Cup, but still lose
1995    "Smokey Joe's Cafe," opens at Virginia Theater New York City
1995    British trader Nick Leeson arrested for collapse of Barings Bank PLC
1995    Ferry boat sinks off Sumbe Angola, 42+ killed
1995    Space shuttle STS-67 (Endeavour 8), launches
1994    Miami begins a latin walk of fame, 1st star for Gloria Estefan
1994    William Huston Natcher, Representative-D-Kentucky, casts his 18,401 and last consecutive vote
1994    Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender if taped statement is broadcasted, it is, but he doesn't
1993    Claudette Colbert, suffers a stroke at 89
1993    Salman Rushdie divorces Marianne Wiggins
1992    Anita Hall swims female world record 200m freestyle (2:25.35)
1991    "Aspects of Love" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 377 performances
1991    "La Bete" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City after 24 performances
1991    Deb Richard wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
1991    Del Ballard, Jr. throws most famous gutter ball in PBA Tour history
1991    North Carolina State Chris Corchiani becomes 1st NCAAer to get 1,000 assists
1991    U.N. votes in favor of U.S. resolutions for cease fire with Iraq
1990    Greyhound Bus goes on strike
1990    Mark Tewsksbury swims world record 50m backstroke (25.06 sec)
1989    12 European nations agree to ban chlorofluorocarbon production by 2000
1989    Exxon Houston runs aground in Hawaii, spills 117,000 gallons of oil
1989    Madonna's "Like a Prayer" premieres on worldwide Pepsi commercial
1989    NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers win 22nd straight home game
1989    New York Met Darryl Strawberry swings at teammate Keith Hernandez
1988    30th Grammy Awards: Graceland, Joshua Tree, Jody Watley
1988    Dutch Liberal Party merged with SDP
1986    1st million-dollar purse for a handicap race won at Santa Anita
1986    Mary Beth Zimmerman wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational
1986    Protesters try to stop Land Rover motor company being sold to U.S.
1985    U.S. approves screening test for AIDS
1984    Iran offensive against Iraq fails
1984    John Long (Detroit) begins NBA free throw streak of 51 games
1983    Compact Disc recordings developed by Phillips and Sony introduced
1983    Final episode of M*A*S*H; 125,000,000 viewers
1983    U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
1982    60th hat trick in Islander history - Bryan Trottier
1982    Terror group "The Illuminated Path" frees 260 prisoners in Peru
1981    Aircraft hijacked by 3 Pakistani terrorists
1981    Howard Stern begins broadcasting on WWDC in Washington D.C.
1980    3rd Islander scoreless tie-Penguins in Pitts
1980    Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Sun City Golf Classic
1980    Mike Bratz (Phoenix) ends NBA free throw streak of 57 games
1978    1st broadcast of "Dallas" on CBS TV
1978    Soyuz 28 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Czechoslovakian) to Salyut 6
1977    1st time Jay Leno appears on Tonight Show with host Johnny Carson
1977    Bette Davis is 1st woman to receive Life Achievement Award
1977    Libya amends constitution
1976    "Bubbling Brown Sugar" opens at ANTA Theater New York City for 766 performances
1976    Bob Lurie becomes CEO of San Francisco Giants
1976    Holgate, Kemp and Lopez' musical premieres in New York City
1976    Walt Disney World logged its 50 millionth guest
1974    16th Grammy Awards: Killing Me Softly, Bette Midler wins
1974    1st class postage raised to 10 cents from 8 cents
1974    Grand jury concludes President Nixon is involved in Watergate cover-up
1974    Greg Chappell makes 247* vs. New Zealand, 410 minutes, 29 fours 1 six
1973    "Black September" terrorists occupy Saudi Embassy in Khartoum
1972    Jean-Bedel Bokassa appoints himself President for life of Cent African Rep
1972    Pioneer 10 launched for Jupiter flyby
1970    American Airlines' 1st flight of a Boeing 747
1970    Rhodesia becomes independent republic
1970    Supreme Court ruled draft evaders can not be penalized after 5 years
1969    1st test flight of the supersonic Concorde
1969    Chinese-Russian borders fight (approx 70 die)
1969    Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 14th Symphony
1969    Phil Esposito becomes 1st NHL Player to score 100 points in a season
1968    Ice Dance Championship at Geneva won by Towler and Ford (GRB)
1968    Ice Pairs Championship at Geneva won by Belousova and Protopopov (U.S.S.R.)
1968    Men's Figure Skating Champions in Geneva won by Emmerich Danzer (AUT)
1968    USAF displays Lockheed C-5A Galaxy, biggest plane in the world
1968    U.S.S.R. launches space probe Zond 4; fails to leave Earth orbit
1968    Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champ in Geneva won by Peggy Fleming (U.S.)
1967    9th Grammy Awards: Strangers in Night, Michele wins
1967    U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1966    215,000 U.S. soldiers in Vietnam
1965    "Sound Of Music" opens
1965    Montcalm Community College in Sidney, Michigan, founded
1964    Beatles begin filming "Hard Days Night," Harrison meets Patti Boyd
1962    John F. Kennedy announces U.S. will resume above ground nuclear testing
1962    Wilt Chamberlain scores incredible 100 points in an NBA game
1961    "13 Daughters" opens at 54th St. Theater New York City for 28 performances
1958    1st surface crossing of Antarctic continent is completed in 99 days
1958    Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
1958    Yemen announces it would join the United Arab Republic
1956    Morocco tears up the Treaty of Fez, declares independence from France
1955    King Norodom Sihanukh of Cambodia succeeded by his father
1955    William Inge's "Bus Stop," premieres in New York City
1952    Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Open
1951    1st NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 111-94 at Boston
1949    1st automatic street light (New Milford, Ct)
1949    Lucky Lady II (USAF B-50 Superfortress), completes 1st nonstop round- the-world flight at Fort Worth, Texas, covering 23,452 miles in 94 hours
1946    Dutch troops land on East Bali
1946    Ho Chi Minh elected president of North Vietnam
1946    Kingman Douglass, becomes deputy director of CIA
1945    8th Air Force bombs Dresden
1945    King Michael of Romania gives in to Communist government
1944    16th Academy Awards - "Casablanca," Jennifer Jones and Paul Lukas win
1944    Fumes from locomotive stalled in a tunnel suffocates 521 in Italy
1943    1st transport from Westerbork Netherlands to Sobibor concentration camp
1943    Sea battle in Bismarck Sea finishes, U.S. and Australia win
1942    14th Academy Awards - "How Green was My Valley," Cooper and Fontaine win
1942    Admiral Helfrich departs Java for Ceylon
1940    1st intercollegiate track meet telecast, MSG, New York City
1940    Soviet armies conquer Tuppura Island Finland
1939    Eugenio Pacelli chosen as Pope Pius XII
1939    Massachusetts Legislature vote to ratify the Bill of Rights - 147 years late
1938    Landslides and floods cause over 200 deaths in Los Angeles, California
1938    Trials of Soviet leaders begins in the Soviet Union
1937    Mexico nationalizes oil
1936    Bradman scores 369 in 253 minutes, SA vs. Tasmania, 46 fours 4 sixes
1934    Union Pacific tests light-weight high-speed passenger train, Omaha
1933    "King Kong," premieres at Radio City Music Hall and RKO Roxy New York City
1933    Most powerful earthquake in 180 years hit Japan
1930    1st U.S. indoor glider flight, St. Louis Terminal Building
1929    Chicago Black Hawks shut-out for NHL record 8th straight game
1929    Congress creates Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
1927    Babe Ruth becomes highest paid baseball player ($70,000 per year)
1925    Dutch Socialists demand drastic disarmament
1925    Japan's House of Representatives recognizes male suffrage
1925    Nationwide road numbering system and U.S. shield marker adopted
1925    SDAP-Second-Faction of parliament demands drastic disarmament
1923    Time magazine debuts
1922    WBAP-AM, Fort Worth Texas, begins broadcasting
1922    WLW-AM in Cincinnati OH begins radio transmissions
1920    Karel Capek's "Loupeznik," premieres in Prague
1919    1st congress of Communist International opens at the Kremlin
1918    New York Yankees purchase 1st baseman George Burns from Detroit Tigers and immediately trades him to Philadelphia A's
1917    Jones Act: Puerto Rico territory created, U.S. citizenship granted
1915    British vice adm Carden begins bombing of Dardanelles forts
1915    Vladmir Jabotinsky forms a Jewish military force to fight in Palestine
1910    2 trains crash in snow storm in Wellington Washington, 118 die
1909    Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy asks Serbia to set no territorial demands
1907    General Louis Botha named premier of Transvaal
1907    Georges Feydeaus' "La Puce l'Oreille," premieres in Paris
1904    "Official Playing Rules of Professional Base Ball Clubs" adopted
1904    Gabriele d'Annunzio's "La figlia di Iorio," premieres in Milan
1903    Martha Washington Hotel, catering to women only, opens in New York City
1902    Jimmy Collins, leaves Boston Beaneaters (NL) club to manage AL's new Boston Somersets
1901    Hawaii's 1st telegraph company opens
1899    President McKinley signs bill creating Mount Rainier National Park (5th in U.S.)
1898    Australia complete a 4-1 series annihilation of England
1896    Battle of Aduwa, Abyssinia (Ethiopia) defeats invading Italians
1896    George Lohmann takes 9-28 vs. South Africa at Johannesburg
1893    1st federal railroad legislation passed; required safety features
1890    Oscar Fredriksen skates world record 5 km (9:19)
1889    Kansas passes 1st U.S. antitrust
1887    American Trotting Association organized in Detroit
1877    Rutherford B Hayes (R) declared president despite Samuel J Tilden (D) winning the popular vote, but is 1 electoral vote shy of victory
1874    Baseball batter's box is officially adopted
1868    University of Illinois opens
1867    Congress abolishes peonage in New Mexico
1867    Congress passed the 1st Reconstruction Act
1867    Jesse James-gang robs bank in Savannah Missouri, 1 dead
1867    U.S. Congress creates the Department of Education
1866    1st U.S. company to make sewing needles by machine incorporated, Connecticut
1865    British newspaper "Morning Chronicle" begins publishing
1865    Freedman's Bureau founded for Black Education, 1865
1865    General Early's army is defeated at Waynesborough
1863    Congress authorizes track width of 4'8" for Union Pacific Railroad
1861    Government Printing Office purchases 1st printing plant, Washington
1861    U.S. creates Dakota and Nevada Territories out of the Nebraska and Utah territories
1858    Frederick Cook, New Orleans, patents a cotton-bale metallic tie
1855    Aleksandr Romanov becomes tsar of Russia
1853    Territory of Washington organized after separating from Oregon Territory
1836    Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico
1831    John Frazee becomes 1st U.S. sculptor to receive a federal commission
1829    New England Asylum for the Blind, 1st in U.S., incorporated, Boston
1825    1st grand opera in U.S. sung in English, New York City
1824    Interstate commerce comes under federal control
1819    Territory of Arkansas organized
1819    U.S. passed its 1st immigration law
1817    1st Evangelical church building dedicated, New Berlin, Penn
1807    Congress bans slave trade effective January 1, 1808
1799    Congress standardizes U.S. weights and measures
1789    Pennsylvania ends prohibition of theatrical performances
1776    Americans begin shelling British troops in Boston
1725    Georg F Handels opera "Giulio Cesare in Egitto," premieres in London
1675    Prince William III installed as governor of Overijssel
1629    English king Charles I leaces house of commons