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Important Events Of March 25

1997    "Barrymore," opens at Music Box Theater New York City for 240 performances
1997    Indians trade Lofton and Embree to Braves for Grissom and Justice
1996    68th Academy Awards - "Braveheart," Nicholas Cage and Susan Sarandon win
1996    Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) approaches within 0.1018 AUs of Earth
1996    Freedom Shoemakers on Maryport's Solway Estate closes
1996    Ice Dance Championship at Edmonton won by Gritshuk and Platov (RUS)
1996    Ice Pairs Championship at Edmonton won by Eltsova and Bushkov (RUS)
1996    Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Edmonton won by Michelle Kwan (USA)
1996    Men's Figure Skating Championship in Edmonton won by Todd Eldredge (USA)
1996    U.S. issues newly-redesigned $100 bill
1995    Boxer Mike Tyson released from jail after serving 3 years
1994    Gunda Niemann skates ladies world record 3 km (4:09.32)
1994    Yasunori Miyabe skates world record 1000 m (1:12.37)
1993    "Candida" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 45 performances
1992    Imran Khan scores 72 and takes 1-43 off 6 2 overs in last ODI
1992    Pakistan defeats England by 22 runs to win World Cup
1992    Russian manned space craft TM-14, lands
1991    63rd Academy Awards - "Dance with Wolves," Kathy Bates and J Irons win
1991    Allan Border takes 5-68 vs. WI at Bourda (!), Georgetown
1990    "Lettice and Lovage" opens at Barrymore Theater New York City for 284 performances
1990    10th Golden Raspberry Awards: Star Trek V wins
1990    Fire in illegal New York City social club, kills 87
1990    Pat Bradley wins LPGA Standard Register Turquoise Golf Classic
1989    "Les Miserables," opens at Auditorium Theatre, Chicago
1988    "Les Miserables," opens at Chunichi Theatre, Nagoya Japan
1988    NASA launches space vehicle S-206
1988    Robin Givens demands full access to husband Mike Tyson's money
1987    Supreme Court rules women/minorities may get jobs if less qualified
1986    Men's Figure Skating Championship in Geneva won by Brian Boitano (USA)
1986    Supreme Court rules Air Force could ban wearing of yarmulkes
1986    Kurt Browning (Canada) becomes 1st skater to land a quadruple jump
1985    57th Academy Awards - "Amadeus," F Murray Abraham and Sally Field win
1985    Edwin Meese III becomes U.S. Attorney General
1984    Betsy King wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
1983    Christa Rothenburger skates world record 500 m ladies (39.69 sec)
1983    Pavel Pegov skates world record 1000m (1:12.58)
1982    Wayne Gretzky becomes 1st NHL to score 200 points in a season
1979    Major riot at Bourda prevents day's play in WSC Supertest
1979    Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sahara National Pro-Am Golf Tournament
1976    "My Fair Lady" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 384 performances
1976    "Rex" opens at Lunt-Fontaine Theater New York City for 48 performances
1976    Argentine military junta bans leftist political parties
1975    Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz, king of Saudi-Arab (1964-75), shot by nephew
1974    Barbra Streisand records the album "Butterfly"
1973    27th Tony Awards: That Championship Season and Little Night Music win
1973    Carol Mann wins LPGA Sears Women's Golf Classic
1973    Majid Khan and Mushtaq Mohammad both out for 99 in Test vs. Eng
1972    "Selling of the President" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 5 performances
1972    34th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Florida 81-76
1972    America's LP "America" goes #1
1972    Bobby Hull becomes the 2nd NHLer to score 600 goals
1972    UCLA wins its 6th consecutive national basketball title
1971    Boston Patriots become New England Patriots
1971    European council accepts Mansholt plan laying off 5 million farmers
1971    Tom Jones, "She's a Lady," goes gold
1970    Concorde makes its 1st supersonic flight (700 MPH/1,127 KPH)
1969    Andes Pact signed in Peru
1969    John and Yoko stage their 1st bed-in for peace (Amsterdam)
1969    Pakistan General Agha Mohammed Jagja Khan succeeds Ayub Chan as president
1968    KLVX TV channel 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968    U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1967    29th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Dayton 79-64
1967    The Turtle's "Happy Together" goes #1
1967    U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1967    Who and Cream make U.S. debut at Murray the K's Easter Show
1966    U.S. Supreme Court rules the poll tax unconstitutional
1966    Beatles pose with mutilated dolls and butchered meat for the cover of the "Yesterday and Today" album, It is later pulled
1965    Martin Luther King, Jr. led 25,000 to state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama
1965    West German Bondsdag extends war crimes retribution
1964    Britain sets memorial for the late President John F. Kennedy
1964    Egypt ends state of siege (1952-64)
1963    KWHY TV channel 22 in Los Angeles, California (IND) begins broadcasting
1962    "Family Affair" closes at Billy Rose Theater New York City after 65 performances
1962    French OAS-leader ex-general Jouhaud arrested
1961    "13 Daughters" closes at 54th St. Theater New York City after 28 performances
1961    "Gypsy" closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 702 performances
1961    23rd NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Cincinnati beats Ohio State 70-65 (OT)
1961    Elvis Presley performs live on the USS Arizona
1961    Explorer 10 launched into elongated Earth orbit (177/181,000 km)
1961    Sputnik 10 carries a dog into Earth orbit; later recovered
1961    3rd place game is one of the wildest contests in NCAA Tournament history as St. Joseph's defeats Utah 127-120 in 4 overtimes
1960    1st guided missile launched from nuclear powered sub (Halibut)
1960    DH Lawrence' "Lady Chatterley's Lover" ruled not obscene (New York City)
1960    Ford Frick voids Indians - Red Sox deal as Sam White retires
1960    Italian government Tambroni forms
1959    Bill White traded to St. Louis for pitchers Sam Jones and Don Choate
1959    French President De Gaulle acknowledges Oder-Neisse boundary
1958    Sugar Ray Robinson is 1st boxing champ to win 5 times
1958    West German parliament desires German atomic weapons
1957    NBA modifies the free-throw rule
1957    Treaty of Rome establishes European Economic Community, known as the Common Market
1955    East Germany granted full sovereignty by occupying power, U.S.S.R.
1954    26th Academy Awards - "From Here to Eternity," Holden and A Hepburn win
1954    Pope Pius XII encyclical "Sacra virginitas" (On consecrated virginity)
1954    RCA manufactures 1st color TV set, a 12-inch screen for $1,000
1951    5th Tony Awards: Guys and Dolls and Rose Tattoo win
1951    E Purcell and EM Ewen detect 21-cm radiation at Harvard physics lab
1949    SS police chief Rauter request for a pardon, denied
1947    9th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Holy Cross beats Oklahoma 58-47
1947    Agreement of Linggadjati ratified in Batavia
1947    Coal mine explosion in Centralia, Illinois, claims 111
1947    Last day of Test cricket for Walter Hammond (vs. New Zealand, Christchurch)
1946    1st performance of Igor Stravinsky's "Ebony Concerto"
1945    U.S. 1st army breaks out bridgehead near Remagen
1945    U.S. 4th Armored div arrives at Hanau and Aschaffenburg
1945    U.S. Northern Tractor Flotilla departs Ulithi to Okinawa
1944    RAF Sergeant Nickolas Alkemade survives a jump from his Lancaster bomber from 18,000 feet without a parachute
1943    97% of all Dutch physicians strike againt nazi registration
1943    Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore premiere on radio
1942    700 Jews of Polish Lvov-district reach Belzec Concentration camp
1941    Carolina Paprika Mills in Dillon South Carolina, incorporated
1939    Billboard Magazine introduces hillbilly (country) music chart
1938    1st U.S. bred horse (Battleship) to win Grand National Steeplechase
1937    It's revealed Quaker Oats pays Babe Ruth $25,000 per year for ads
1937    Italy and Yugoslavia sign no-attack treaty (Pact of Belgrade)
1937    Lionel Conacher misses on 1st Stanley Cup penalty shot
1937    Washington Daily News is 1st U.S. newspaper with perfumed advertising page
1936    200" mirror blank leaves for California to be ground
1936    Detroit Red Wings beat Montreal Maroons in NHL longest game (2h56m30s)
1935    1st Belgium government of Van Zealand resigns
1934    1st Golf Masters Championship: Horton Smith wins, shooting a 284
1931    Hal Kemp and his Orchestra record Whistles, with Skinnay Ennis
1931    Scottsboro Boys (accused of raping a white woman) arrested in Alabama
1924    Greek parliament selects Admiral Paul Koundouriotis as premier
1924    Stanley Cup: Mont Canadiens (NHL) sweep Calgary Tigers (WCHL) in 2
1923    British government grants Trans-Jordan autonomy
1920    Greek Independence Day
1916    Heavyweight Jess Willard and Franc Moran fight to no decision in New York City
1916    Jess Willard fights Frank Moran to no decision in 10 for boxing title
1916    Women are allowed to attend a boxing match
1915    1st submarine disaster; a U.S. F-4 sank off Hawaii, killing 21
1915    German U boat torpedoes Netherlands merchant ship Medea
1913    Great Dayton Flood
1913    Home of vaudeville, Palace Theatre, opens (New York City) starring Ed Wynn
1911    L D Swamikannu publishes "Manual of Indian Chronology" in Bombay
1911    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory catches fire 145 die, all but 13 girls
1910    Chalmers Auto Co offers a new car to each leagues' batting champ
1907    Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers lose to Kenora Thistles but outscore them in 2 game set but outscore them 12-8 and win cup
1905    Rebel battle flags captured during war are returned to South
1902    Irving W. Colburn patents sheet glass drawing machine
1901    55 die as Rock Island train derailed near Marshalltown Iowa
1900    U.S. Socialist Party forms in Indianapolis
1898    Intercollegiate Trapshooting Association formed in New York City
1896    Modern Olympics began in Athens, Greece
1895    Italian troops invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1894    Coxey's Army of the unemployed sets out from Massillon Oh for Wash
1889    1st Test Cricket match played at Newlands, Cape Town vs. England
1888    Socialist leader Domela Nieuwenhuis elected to Dutch 2nd chamber
1882    1st demonstration of pancake making (Department store in New York City)
1876    Glasgow 1st soccer match Scotland-Wales (4-0)
1865    Battle of Bluff Spring, Florida
1865    Battle of Fort Stedman, Virginia - in front of Petersburg
1865    Battle of Mobile, Alabama (Spanish Fort, Fort Morgan, Fort Blakely)
1865    SS General Lyon at Cape Hatteras catches fire and sinks, killing 400
1864    Battle of Paducah, Kentucky (Forrest's raid)
1863    1st Army Medal of Honor awarded
1863    Skirmish at Brentwood Tennessee
1857    Frederick Laggenheim takes 1st photo of a solar eclipse
1856    A. E. Burnside patents Burnside carbine
1852    Friedrich Hebbel's "Agnes Bernauer," premieres in Munich
1847    Pope Pius IX encyclical "On aid for Ireland"
1821    Greece gains independence from Turkey (National Day)
1820    Greece freedom revolt against anti Ottoman attack
1817    Tsar Alexander I recommends formation of Society of Israeli Christians
1814    Netherlands Bank established
1813    1st U.S. flag flown in battle on the Pacific, frigate Essex
1807    1st railway passenger service began in England
1807    British Parliament abolishes slave trade
1807    George Canning becomes British minister of Foreign affairs
1802    France, Netherlands, Spain and England signs Peace of Amiens
1776    Continental Congress authorized a medal for George Washington
1774    English Parliament passes Boston Port Bill
1753    Voltaire leaves the court of Frederik II of Prussia
1700    England, France and Netherlands ratify 2nd Extermination treaty
1669    Mount Etna in Sicily erupts, destroying Nicolosi, killing 20,000
1668    1st horse race in America takes place
1655    Christiaan Huygens discovers Titan, (Saturn's largest satellite)
1647    Cape of Good Hope: tour ship Haerlem stranded in Tafel Bay
1634    Lord Baltimore founded Catholic colony of Maryland
1609    Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Co.