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Important Events Of September 10

1997 Discovery buys Travel Channel for $20 million
1997 Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
1997 Mark McGwire joins Babe as only players to hit 50 home runs in 2 consec yrs
1995 115th U.S Mens Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Andre Agassi (64 63 46 75)
1995 35th Walker Cup: Britain - Ireland beats U.S., 14 - 10
1995 47th Emmy Awards: NYPD Blue, ER, Fraiser and Candice Bergen wins
1995 Alison Nicholas wins PING-Cellular One LPGA Golf Championship
1995 Browns and Indians, play simultaneous regular season games in Cleveland for only time, Browns 22-6 over Tampa, Indians 5-3 over Orioles
1994 108th U.S Womens Tennis: Aranxta S Vicario beats Steffi Graf (16 76 64)
1994 Chong Hey swims female record 400m medley (4:01.67)/100m backstroke
1993 1,000 Boeing 747 jumbo planes produced
1993 Actress Loretta Young, 80, weds costume designer Jean Louis, 85
1993 Israel and PLO sign joint recognition statements
1992 Bud Selig becomes interm commissioner of baseball
1992 Lucy in Peanuts comics raises her Pyschiatric Help from 5 cents to 47 cents
1991 Senate Committee begins hearings on Clarence Thomas' nomination
1991 Yolanda Gail Devers runs U.S female record 100m hurdles (12.48 seconds)
1990 19 year old Pete Sampras beats Andre Agassi to win U.S Open
1990 1st time since 1966 that all 8 grand slam tennis champs are different
1990 Ellis Island reopens as a museum
1990 George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Helsinki
1990 Hard Rock Cafe opens in Las Vegas, Nevada
1990 Iran agrees to resume diplomatic ties with Iraq
1990 Mariner Matt Young becomes 21st AL'er to strike out 4 in 1 inning
1990 1st time in New York Yankee history they are completely swept season series, Oakland A's beat them 12 games to 0
1989 109th U.S Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats Ivan Lendl (76 16 63 76)
1989 5 days after hitting a home run for Yankees in a 12-2 win over the Mariners,
1989 Browns allow Pittsburgh only 53 net yards, a team defensive record
1989 East Germans begin their flight to west (via Hungary and Czechoslovakia)
1989 Muffin Spencer-Devlin wins LPGA Cellular One-Ping Golf Championship
1989 Deion Sanders returns a punt 68 yards for a touchdown
1988 Hurricane Gilbert, kills 300 in Jamaica, Texas and Yucatan
1988 102nd U.S Womens Tennis: Steffi Graf beats Gabriela Sabatini (63 36 61)
1988 Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson (Minn), 22, crowned 62nd Miss America 1989
1986 Bryan O'Connor named chairman of Space Flight Safety Panel
1984 Discovery returns to Kennedy Space Center via Altus AFB, Okla
1983 97th U.S Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats Chris Evert L Mills (61 63)
1983 Larry Holmes TKOs Scott Frank in 5 for heavyweight boxing title
1982 Decca releases Beatle audition "Complete Silver Beatles" album
1981 "Guernica" of Pablo Picasso returns to Spain
1980 Expos Bill Gullickson, sets rookie record of striking out 18
1980 Peter Comita replaces Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick
1979 3 Puerto Rican nationalists who attempted to kill Truman are freed
1978 "Timbuktu!" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 243 performances
1978 98th U.S Mens Tennis: Jimmy Connors beats Bjorn Borg (64 62 62)
1978 Arlyne Rhode sets female footbow distance record (1,113 yards and 30")
1978 Jimmy Connors is 1st player to win U.S Open on 3 different surfaces
1978 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
1978 4th game of Boston Massacre; Yankees beat Red Sox 7-4. This ties them for 1st place. Yankees out hit 'em 67-21; score 42-9
1977 91st U.S Womens Tennis: Chris Evert L Mills beats W Turnbull (76 62)
1977 Blue Jays beat Yankees 19-3 with 20 hits
1977 Christa Vahlensieck runs female world record marathon (2:34:47.5)
1977 Emmy Creative Arts Award presentation
1977 Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
1977 Susan Perkins (Ohio), crowned 50th Miss America 1978
1976 2 airliners collide over Yugoslavia, kills all 176 aboard
1976 5 Croatian terrorists capture TWA-plane at La Guardia Airport, New York
1974 Lou Brock ties (104) and then sets (105) baseball stolen base mark
1974 New York Dolls disband
1974 Portugal recognizes independence of Rep of Guinea-Bissau
1974 Teuvo Louhivouri sets cycling distance record of 515.8 mi in 24 hours
1973 Muhammad Ali defeats Ken Norton
1973 New York Jets trade pro footballs leading receiver Don Maynard to St. Louis
1972 20th Olympic games close at Munich, West Germany
1972 92nd U.S Mens Tennis: Ilie Nastase beats Arthur Ashe
1972 Emerson Fittipaldi is youngest to win an auto race World Championship
1972 Frank Shorter wins 17th Olympic marathon (2:12:19.8)
1972 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
1972 U.S Men's olympic basketball teams 1st lose, 51-50 to U.S.S.R (disputed)
1972 WKAR TV channel 23 in East Lansing, MI (PBS) begins broadcasting
1971 KVUE TV channel 24 in Austin, Texas (ABC) begins broadcasting
1969 New York Mets sweep Montreal Expos putting them in 1st place for 1st time
1969 U.S performs nuclear test at Grand Valley Colorado
1967 81st U.S Womens Tennis: Billie Jean M King beats Ann H Jones (119 64)
1967 87th U.S Mens Tennis: John Newcombe beats Clark Graebner (64 64 86)
1967 Chicago White Sox Joel Horlen no-hits Detroit Tigers, 6-0
1967 Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Pacific Golf Classic
1967 Gibraltar votes 12,138 to 44 to remain British and not Spanish
1967 Joel Horlen revives Chicago's pennant hopes with a 5-0 no-hit win
1967 KVVU TV channel 5 in Henderson-Las Vegas, NV (IND) begins broadcasting
1966 Beatles' "Revolver," album goes #1 and stays #1 for 6 weeks
1966 Muhammad Ali TKOs Karl Mildenberger in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
1966 Neal Diamond's 1st chart song (Cherry Cherry)
1965 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1965 Phillies 10,000th game to a decision since 1900, Phils beat Cards
1965 WUND TV channel 2 in Columbia, North Carolina (PBS) begins broadcasting
1964 Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) forms
1964 Rod Steward records his 1st single "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"
1963 20 black students entered public schools in Alabama
1963 Phillies beat Houston Colt .45s, 16-0
1963 Stan Musial hits a home run in his 1st at bat as a grandfather
1962 82nd U.S Mens Tennis: Rodney G Laver beats Roy Emerson (62 64 57 64)
1962 KLRN TV channel 9 in San Antonio, Texas (PBS) begins broadcasting
1962 Maryland Campaign (Antietam Campaign)
1962 WDCN TV channel 8 in Nashville, Tennessee (PBS) begins broadcasting
1961 75th U.S Womens Tennis: Darlene R Hard beats Ann Haydon Jones (63 64)
1961 81st U.S Mens Tennis: Roy Emerson beats Rodney G Laver (75 63 62)
1961 Mickey Mantle becomes 7th to hit home run # 400
1961 U.S.S.R performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R
1960 Abebe Bikila runs Olympic/World record marathon (2:15:16.2)
1960 New York Yankee Mickey Mantle hits 643' home run over right field roof in Detroit
1958 WJCT TV channel 7 in Jacksonville, Florida (PBS) begins broadcasting
1957 "Mask and Gown" opens at John Golden Theater New York City for 39 performances
1956 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga Australia
1956 Louisville Kentucky public schools integrates
1956 WSYE (now WETM) TV chan 18 in Elmira-Corning, New York (NBC) 1st broadcast
1955 "Gunsmoke" premieres on CBS TV
1954 12 second shock kills 1,460 in Orleansville Algeria
1954 WLUK TV channel 11 in Green Bay, Wisconsin (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
1954 Attempting to handle Hoyt Wilhelm's knuckleball catcher Ray Katt of Giants sets a major league record with 4 passed balls
1953 Swanson sells it's 1st "TV dinner"
1952 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Thomasville Golf Open
1951 British begins economic boycott of Iran
1950 Joe DiMaggio becomes 1st to hit 3 home run in a game at Griffith Stadium
1949 "Cabatgata (A Night in Spain)" closes at Broadway New York City after 76 performances
1948 Bijz Criminal division sentences war criminal Jacob Folks to life
1948 Bradman scores 153 in his last 1st-class cricket innings in England
1945 KLS-AM in Oakland California changes call letters to KWBR (now KDIA)
1945 Vidkun Quisling sentenced to death for collaborating with Nazis
1944 Lieutenant-general Frederick Browning against Montgomery "But, sir, I think we might be going a bridge too far"
1943 British 8th army occupies Tarente
1943 German troops occupied Rome and took over the protection of Vatican City
1943 Italian fleet anchors at Malta
1943 Lieutenant-general Bradley arrives in Prestwick/London
1942 British troops lands on Madagascar
1942 RAF drops 100,000 bombs on Dusseldorf
1939 Canada declares war on Germany
1939 In WW II, Canada declared war on Germany
1937 2nd American Football League plays 1st game (LA 21, Pittsburgh 0)
1937 Cleveland (Los Angeles) Rams plays their 1st NFL game, lose 28-0
1933 53rd U.S. Mens Tennis: Fred Perry beats J H Crawford (63 11-13 46 60 61)
1932 52nd U.S Mens Tennis: Henry E Vines beats Henri Cochet (64 64 64)
1932 Dodgers Johnny Frederick hits record 6th pinch-hit home run of the season
1932 Independent City Owned Rapid Transit Railroad (IND) opens in New York City
1931 Lord Cecil of British Government says War was never so improbable
1930 Charles E Mitchell, named minister to Liberia
1927 22nd Davis Cup: France beats USA in Philadelphia (3-2)
1926 Allies-German treaty of Koblenz drawn
1926 Germany joins League of Nations
1924 Giants rip Braves 22-1, Frisch goes 6-for-6 before grounding out
1924 Leopold and Loeb found guilty of murder
1923 Irish Free state joins League of Nations
1922 Largest Polo Grounds crowd see Meusel, Ruth and Gehrig consecutive home runs
1919 Indian's Ray Caldwell no-hits Yankees 3-0
1919 New York City welcomes home General John J Pershing and 25,000 WW I soldiers
1919 Treaty of St. Germain: Austria ends incorporation with Germany
1918 Players on both sides threaten to strike the World Series unless they are guaranteed $2,500 to the winners and $1,000 each for the losers
1913 1st U.S paved coast-to-coast highway, the Lincoln Highway, opens
1913 Cleveland Call and Post forms
1913 George W Buckner, named minister to Liberia
1913 Lincoln Highway opens as 1st paved coast-to-coast highway
1910 Great Idaho Fire destroys 3 million acres of timber
1905 Japanese battleship Mikasa explodes
1902 Utrecht soccer team UVV forms
1900 20.3 cm rainfall at Elk Point, South Dakota (state record)
1899 2nd quake in 7 days (8.6) hits Yakutat Bay Alaska
1898 Lord Kitchener's ships sails from Kartoum to Fashoda
1897 Police shoot at striking mine workers in Penns, kills 20
1884 Congressman John R Lynch presides over Republican National Convention
1882 1st international conference to promote anti-semitism meets Dresden Germany
1880 Pierre de Brazza signs treaty with King Makoko of Congo
1872 Karl Marx speaks in Amsterdam
1870 Dutch Jurist Cooperation forms
1869 Baptist minister invents rickshaw in Yokohama, Japan
1863 George Bizets opera "Les Pacheurs de Perles," premieres in Paris
1861 Battle at Cheat Mountain, Elkwater West Virginia
1861 Battle of Carnifex Ferry VA, 170 casualities
1858 John Holden hits 1st recorded home run (Brooklyn vs New York)
1849 1st performance by U.S actor Edwin Booth (Richard III)
1847 1st theater opens in Hawaii
1846 Elias Howe patents sewing machine
1846 Japan invents the rickshaw
1845 King Willem II opens Amsterdam Stock exchange
1838 Hector Berlioz' opera "Benvenuto Cellini," premieres in Paris
1823 Simon Bolivar named president of Peru
1813 Comm Oliver H Perry defeats British in Battle of Lake Erie
1798 British Honduras beats Spain in battle of St. George
1785 Prussia signs trade agreement with US
1776 George Washington asks for a spy volunteer, Nathan Hale volunteers
1608 John Smith elected president of Jamestown colony council, Va